Fast weight loss

Fast weight loss There is no such way that would allow you to lose weight quickly without harm to your health. Yes, you can get rid of a significant amount of excess fat without surgery for a few weeks, but the effects of rapid weight loss are often deplorable for both health and appearance.

The rapid loss of kilograms leads to anemia, which is manifested, in particular, in excessive pallor, constant fatigue, and lethargy. People who lose weight too quickly often lose their hair, stretch marks and wrinkles appear on the skin.

Finally, too fast results of weight loss turn into a boomerang effect: the weight after a while returns to its previous state. This was taken care of by nature, programming the human body so that after every period of hunger (and this, in fact, is restrictive diet for our brains), it made reserves for the future. In other words – it accumulates fat reserves again. But these are not all threats.

Dehydration. At the beginning of losing weight, we lose a lot of water. If you do not make enough of it, it can lead to dehydration (this can be known if urine is released in small amounts and has a dark color). The faster you lose weight, the more water the body loses.

Malnutrition. This can be achieved if we use a very strict diet that restricts or eliminates certain foods. In the body of a person who loses weight too quickly, there are not enough nutrients (which ones – depends on the type of a diet). The consequence may be anemia (when there is not enough iron in the diet), arrhythmia (if enough potassium and magnesium do not enter the body with food), etc.

Stones in the gallbladder. Sudden changes in diet often lead to an increase in cholesterol, while the amount of bile salts decreases. Excess cholesterol is not excreted and promotes the accumulation of stones in the gallbladder. Symptoms are accompanied by pain in the liver. When too much cholesterol is accumulated, the bile ducts become clogged, which as a result can lead to inflammation of the liver, pancreas or gallbladder.

Loss of muscle mass. When weight goes too fast because of a limited diet, the body draws energy reserves from muscle mass, rather than from adipose tissue.

Lose weight correctly:

  • do the everyday calorie counting,
  • remember that the breakfast is the most important part of the beginning of your day, never skip it even on a diet,
  • home food is much better than packed food (it works even if you are not on a diet),
  • chew properly, spare no time and thoroughly chew food, so you will eat a smaller amount that will eventually help you with weight loss, and also keep your health in a good shape, as the food will be easily digested,
  • eat less for weight loss and take food in small portions,
  • make walks before meals, so you will eat less, which means that the consumption of calories in the body will be less,
  • consume more vegetables, it will help to fill the stomach and eat less,
  • avoid white foods like wheat flour, white flour, sugar, etc., because they are very caloric and even in decent quantities these products will fill you with a lot of unnecessary calories,
  • use nuts as snacks, they are very useful and nutritious for the body due to the presence of necessary minerals and vitamins, as well as fibers and antioxidants.

Observing these simple advices, you can lose weight correctly and not extremely fast. It will help to maintain health and not to harm the body. For extreme weight loss, Meridia preparation and others are also used, but this is a necessary measure for those who need to lose a large amount of extra pounds, which is impossible without medical help.

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