Clomid (Clomiphene)

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Generic Name: Clomiphene
Dosage: 25mg, 50mg, 100mg
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Clomid is a synthetic nonsteroidal preparation; the generic name of this pharmaceutical is clomiphene.

Considering the structure, the medicine has many similarities with estrogen. Doctors prescribe it as an ovulatory stimulant. Having kinship with estrogen, the drug may be connected with estrogen receptors in hypothalamus.

This medication prevents hypothalamus from determining the “true” estrogens, so, in turn, it makes pituitary organ produce more gonadotrophic hormones, such as follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormone. The latter are responsible for the stimulation of ovary so that:

  1. Woman’s body produces more estrogen
  2. Man’s body produces more testosterone

Such characteristic is widely used to treat women that suffer premature extinction of ovarian function and for ovulation induction. Nevertheless, patients need to avoid the prolonged treatment, because it increases the probability of ovarian carcinoma development.

Pharmacological action

Generic Clomid is a medicine often prescribed for women that suffer ovarian dysfunction. Many female patients, who cannot get pregnant, have their ovulation process disturbed. Speaking about the patients with ovulation problems, there are usually women suffering:

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Menostasia with undetermined cause

Doctors should prescribe Clomiphene only when menstrual cycle is fully examined, and the reason of derangement is determined.

The time when one takes the mentioned medication plays a very important role in the course of treatment. Doctors examine the blood and take the temperature to estimate the ovulation. The course begins when the ovulation is determined by professionals. As a rule, this pharmaceutical is prescribed on the fifth day of cycle; usually, the drug is supposed to be taken during three or six cycles. Doctors do not recommend the prolonged treatment.

Important information

This drug increases the probability of multiple pregnancy.

The medication is effective when the level of endogenous estrogen is sufficient, less effective when it is low, and, virtually, has no effect when the concentration of hypophyseal gonadotropic hormones is low.

It is important to be under the constant surveillance of gynecologist during the course of treatment; doctors should control the ovarian function, do vaginal examination.

How it works

Even though Clomid is considered to be a potent agent, this drug may be helpful in case of female sterility, provided that the doses are correct and the treatment period is no longer than necessary. The active material acts like estrogen. It establishes the interaction between estrogen receptors in itself in hypothalamus, blocking these regions, while the brain receives signals about the scarcity of estrone hormone in organism. It leads to an increase of gonadotropic substance level, which intensifies the stimulation of ovary for estrogen release. This causes the synthesis of hormone in either adrenal gland or ovary. The increase of estrogen level plays a key role in impregnation process.

Adverse reactions of generic Clomid

If the course of treatment with the medication does not last for too long, and the dosage corresponds with the prescription, the drug is quite safe.

The main adverse effects are:

  • Face reddening
  • Sickness, emesis
  • Loss of hair
  • Anomalous vaginal bleeding
  • Chest soreness
  • Headache
  • General weariness
  • Abdominal discomfort

The majority of side effects, caused by it, are temporary and disappear after the cessation of taking.

Can I take clomiphene without prescription?

Generic Clomid is usually available without prescription. That being said, it is important to know that you may cause harm to your health when taking it by your own. Be sure to consult your physician before starting such treatment.

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