Which side is better to sleep on?

We all know that sleep duration plays a big role in mental and physical health. However, the position during sleep is also an important factor for our well-being. According to experts, there is a pose in a sleep that has great advantages for our health. It turns out that sleeping on the left side is more useful for digestion, back, and heart due to the position of the internal organs. Which side is better to sleep on

Here are a few advantages of this position during sleep.

  1. Strengthens the lymphatic system

Sleep on the left side allows your body to better filter the lymph fluid since the left side of the body is the dominant lymphatic side.

Western scientists also found that sleep on the left side helps the body to better process waste products from the brain, while sleeping on the right side can reduce the efficiency of the lymphatic system.

  1. Improves digestion

Sleep on the left is preferable, because of the simple gravity. When you lie on your left side, food waste calmly passes through the thick intestine and, as a result, you are easier to empty by morning. This also allows the stomach and pancreas to be in a more suitable position (the stomach is on the left) and promotes the better production of pancreatic enzymes.

  1. Useful for the heart

Doctors have long recommended that pregnant women sleep on the left side to improve circulation to the heart. Even if you are not pregnant, sleeping on your left side can help relieve some of the stress from the heart, since gravity contributes to lymph drainage and arterial circulation from the heart.

However, experts are still arguing about which side to sleep better for heart health. So, for example, people with chronic heart failure and those who have had a heart attack, are better to sleep on the right side.

  1. Optimal for pregnant women

Sleep on the left side not only improves blood circulation in pregnant women but also relieves stress from the back, prevents squeezing of the liver by the uterus, improves blood flow to the uterus, kidneys, and fetus. For this reason, doctors are more likely to recommend sleeping on the left side during pregnancy.

  1. Reduces heartburn

The study showed that lying on the left side you reduce the symptoms of acid reflux. This is again because the stomach is on the left. Conversely, when you lie on your right side, the symptoms of heartburn may worsen.

The effect comes almost immediately, so if after a meal you have heartburn, lie on your left side for 10 minutes.

  1. Relieves back pain.

People suffering from chronic back pain can benefit greatly from sleeping on their left side, as this helps reduce pressure on the spine. A sense of comfort, in turn, will lead to a peaceful sleep.

  1. Helps blood circulation

If you have varicose veins, you should sleep on your left side, as this improves blood circulation, reducing pressure on the hollow vein – the main vein located on the right side of the body.

Can I sleep on my right side?

Despite the fact that much speaks in favor of sleep on the left side, it should be noted that people with heart diseases, sleep apnea, glaucoma and carpal tunnel syndrome need to be cautious with sleeping on the left side and consult a doctor.

Of course, when a person takes sleeping pills, such as Ambien, Imovane, and others, it is difficult to control the pose. However, the rest of the time, doctors strongly recommend monitoring their position during sleep. Be healthy!

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