What can abstinence be and what is its harm?

Why sex is good for men:

  1. Prolongs life.
  2. Reduces the likelihood of cardiovascular disease.
  3. Strengthens men’s health.
  4. Favorably affects the genitourinary system.
  5. Eliminates stress and apathy, raises vitality.

Sexual abstinence is responsible for 60%-80% of all neuroses both in women and men. 70% of women and 35% of men experience a sharp decline in sexual desire having dissatisfaction during the process, sticking to sexual abstinence. About 75% of marriages fall apart because of sexual dissatisfaction (statistics by the Association of British Psychologists). What can abstinence be and what is its harm

Types of sexual abstinence:

  1. Sexual abstinence in loneliness usually lasts from six months to a year. During this time, the body undergoes a number of unfavorable changes for it. Perhaps there is some obsession with sex, scabrous jokes in society. The harm of abstinence for men can consist in the development of prostatitis and the appearance of problems with erection. And depending on the age of the man, then it is so hard to return to the usual rhythm, that even a sexopathologist’s help is required. There may be frequent neuroses and premature ejaculation. As for women, loneliness first acts only on the psyche. There is excessive emotion, resentment, irritability. There may be mania to the purchases or make rejuvenating procedures. After that, you can also notice the physiological disorders: the development of mastopathy and breast diseases, the failure of the hormonal background, stagnation of blood in the small pelvis.
  2. Age-caused abstinence. This type of sexual abstinence is especially common in adolescents and young people who are just beginning to live sexually and do not yet have enough experience for regular sex, or may not have a permanent sexual partner. Because of this, sex is irregular, but the young body tends to adapt very quickly, so the harm of this type of abstinence is small both for physiology and for the psyche.
  3. Conditional physiological rhythm. This type of sexual abstinence is most typical for people under 25 years of age who begin sexual relations, as well as for newlyweds. However, this is not even so much abstinence, as irregular connections. Sex can occur several times a day, and then be interrupted for a week. However, such a period very rarely lasts a long time, so it is also not able to do any harm to the body.
  4. The monk’s syndrome. It’s the most dangerous variant of sexual abstinence. The danger and damage of abstinence is caused by the fact that a complete restructuring begins in the body. There’s a very strong effect on the overall emotional state and nervous system. The sexual function begins to fade. Women and men lose interest in their appearance and start to show excessive aggression towards others, become resentful and suspicious. Very often, these women develop cervical erosion. In addition, with prolonged abstinence, breast cancer is much more common. Another fact that speaks of the harm of abstinence is the news that after a year of complete sexual abstinence infertility may develop. In men, chronic prostatitis develops. There is an indifferent attitude to sexual contacts and even fear of the latter. Sometimes, on the contrary, it can be an increased activity in the resumption of sexual relations.

Of course, the harm of abstinence depends on age. To help oneself, a man can use Viagra, Kamagra and other tablets. In any case, remember that regular sex life is important!

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