What affects our memory and how to improve it?

If you were told, that memory is only the merit of genetics – forget it. We will tell you what affects memory and how we can work on it. There is no magic pill that will immediately make you a genius with an impeccable memory. Let’s say more, the mechanisms of memorization have not been completely studied. But it is reliably known that they are composed of: What affects our memory and how to improve it

  • your natural potential
  • memory state
  • memory training.

Scientists say that our mysterious brain is affected by everything, from the weather to the surrounding interior. For example, there is a theory that a person can forget that he is psychologically unpleasant. And here is what you can start working with right now.

Thyroid glands

Thyroid hormones – that’s what you need to take care of first. A small decrease in their results is a decrease in memory. Therefore, they need to receive iodine, zinc, and vitamin B2. There is an opinion that people do not get enough iodine. Keep track of this, and take care of the thyroid gland.


There is a special substance that facilitates the transmission of nerve impulses between neurons. These processes are important for the full work of memory, and they occur during sleep. As you have guessed, you need to sleep fully at night, because the recovery of brain cells occurs precisely at night. If a person sleeps too little, his or her brain cannot devote enough energy to developing memory. If a person sleeps too much, his or her brain experiences no less stress, so memory fades into the background. Thus, a person experiences maximum discomfort and simply cannot enter the right rhythm. This has a negative impact on work, on study, etc.


Sport and even the simplest physical activities supply blood with oxygen. In addition, while your muscles are working, hormones that are necessary for memory work are secretly visible to you in the body.


Health and memory are directly related. So, for example, during menopause and gynecological diseases, memory worsens. This is affected by a decrease in the level of estrogen.


We are inspired since childhood – eat right, so that the body received protein, fat, and carbohydrates. This is important for our memory. It is important to remember here that the absence of any useful elements may not appear immediately, but rather strongly. The memory is also affected by how comfortable your body feels in general.

Of course, you can take different drugs. To improve memory, you can take sleeping pills, such as Soma, which will restore your sleep patterns, and Modafinil, which will add activity to you. These are strong enough tablets that can completely rebuild your body. Be wary of this treatment, consult a doctor if necessary. It may be that your condition requires additional correction. To do this, you may need a course of therapy or other treatment.

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