The influence of emotions and feelings on the erectile function

Someone tells that loving couples have no sexual incompatibility. Is it so? Very many, especially young people, believe that sexual compatibility is a critical thing to preserve a marriage. Therefore, it is believed that before you get married, a man and a woman need to check how compatible they are with each other. The influence of emotions and feelings on the erectile function

Sexual compatibility is one of the components of the relationship between a man and a woman, and this concept has the right to exist. But physiological compatibility is far from decisive in preserving the marriage. After all, the family cannot be built on sex only. Sex without love is a one-night relationship that drains a person energetically and spiritually. And if people love each other, they become sexually compatible automatically, because sex only complements the depth of the relationship between a man and a woman.

Many people cannot understand what cannot be combined in sex. Can this be explained at the physiological level?

For example, a man has a sexual intercourse for five minutes before ejaculation, and a woman has eight minutes to get an orgasm on average. And there may be some sexual incompatibility. He’s already finished, she’s still not, and if it repeats day after day, it can lead to psychological breakdowns. But a woman can be brought not only by means of a penis to orgasm. There are many different ways for that. A man should love a woman and then they will be all right. When a woman is being arranged to have sex in a course of sexual game, it is better to have a vivid orgasm. A woman can adjust, and a man can too. There are methods that allow having sex last for hours – excitatory games.

It is interesting that more often a man is forced to treat erectile dysfunction if he does not have a regular sexual life with his wife.

Statistics show that the duration of sexual intercourse in a woman 8 minutes, and a man – 7 minutes. If you look at these statistics, all our women are unhappy, because we stop the sexual act a whole minute earlier than they reach orgasm. But this is far from the case. If the couple is loving, then they make fine sex and finish at the same time. Loving couples adjust not only the duration of the sexual intercourse but also physiological parameters. There are situations when a woman has a vagina of N cm, and a man has an erection length of the penis 3N cm. Surprisingly, during a sexual intercourse, a woman lengthens the neck of the vagina and she does not experience pain even when a man enters the penis to the full depth.

Moreover, if a man and a woman love each other, it is unlikely that a man will suffer from sexual impotence. Physiology, this matter is secondary. The problem with erection depends on whether there is a personal contact between a woman and a man, whether they are sympathetic to each other, close spiritually or not.

What does physiology depend on mostly? From reception of blood. The flow of blood into the penis depends on the desire to possess this person, on lust.

If we talk about meetings for one night, then men often have to use tablets, such as Levitra, Kamagra, and others. This means that the body needs help, most often it is because of a lack of feelings. Nevertheless, a bright flash of lust is enough to accomplish sexual act and bring pleasure to both partners.

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