Carers need more support – Alzheimer’s disease

One of the pressing issues in modern medicine is the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. After all, everyone knows the fact that at the moment no doctor can name 100% methods of fighting it, and even the best doctors have not reached consensus on this issue. The disease was discovered in 1906 by Alois Alzheimer, investigating neurological diseases in his patients. But, as he admitted himself, it is almost impossible to find worthy treatment with tablets or folk remedies, because disease’s development is irreversible. Carers need more support

If we are talking about heredity, Alzheimer’s disease is caused by three superfluous genes in a person. There may be one as well as two of them, but when the “complete set” is reached, the disease comes with 100% probability at “early age”. It is treated in 60-65 years. Usually, heredity occurs in 50% of registered births of the children if one parent was ill, and in 75% of cases – if both were ill.

Unfortunately, the doctor who will be involved in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease will confirm the fact that there are no drugs that guarantee 100% healing. Address to the neurologist, the gerontologist (the doctor supervising diseases in advanced age) or, if the illness has accepted a serious current, to the psychiatrist. Do not try to get rid of “absent-mindedness and forgetfulness” by folk remedies.

The specialist should ask a number of leading questions, study the medical history since in each case, the Alzheimer’s disease proceeds with its own peculiarities. Perhaps the doctor will recommend passing special tests on the computer to determine the nature of degenerative abnormalities in memory correctly and to treat with the proper method.

Of the additional survey methods, usually conducted:

  • magnetic resonance imaging,
  • dopplerography of arteries by ultrasound,
  • CT of the brain,
  • puncture of the spinal cord to determine the excess of the protein level,
  • general chemical analysis of blood.

According to the results of the examination, the doctor will make a picture, suggest treatment options, determine the stage of the disease development, how the case will develop, compare the similar symptoms and the connection with other diseases.

Often, Alzheimer’s disease intersects with Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s syndrome, atherosclerosis, can be combined with brain tumors or insufficiency of the thyroid gland.

With regard to drugs that slow the regression processes in the body or alleviate the course of Alzheimer’s disease, two groups are defined among them:

  • preparations both strengthening memory and helping in the activation of thinking (Namenda, Cognex, Aricept and their analogs. You can also consider Donepezil and Rivastigmine-containing medications),
  • drugs that help to fight apathy, anxiety and depression syndromes: Fluoxetine or its more well-known names Prozac, Sertraline, Klonopin and medications based on them.

Observing simple prescriptions, you can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s:

  • the disease affects people with an average level of intelligence and lower,
  • communication with different people on different topics,
  • playing a musical instrument, practicing yoga, fishing, hiking – all this makes life rich and attracts intelligence,
  • prevention of folk remedies (herbal preparations, aromatic baths),
  • diet (excludes high levels of alcohol, smoking, tea, coffee),
  • vitamins (as an additional source, you can drink the vitamins of group B12),
  • coping with stress,
  • normal consumption of liquid (at least 1.5 liters of pure water per day will help if not cure then prevent the processes in the nerve cells),
  • control of blood sugar and blood pressure.

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