Sex for the physical health of women.

Intimate affinity with a man is an excellent training for muscles. Like her partner, all the muscular tissues of the female body in the process of making love remain in suspense and after the end, they reach the deepest relaxation. On the one hand, this moment is an excellent stimulant for the activity of the cardiovascular system: during the act, blood runs faster through the veins, accelerating all metabolic processes, saturating the organs with oxygen and beneficial substances, eliminating toxins. On the other hand, relaxation after orgasm reduces the risk of wrinkles, helps normalize the general condition, and gets rid of accumulated stress. Sex for the physical health of women.

Further, sex also affects the production of special substances that significantly improve the quality of the general condition of women. Scientists from various institutes of the world at different times of their studies came to two curious conclusions. First, the female hormone estrogen not only stimulates the functioning of the heart muscle and normalizes the condition of all organs but also strengthens the structure of the hair and nails, and increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin, restoring youth and freshness. It very actively produced in the process of intimacy. Secondly, the famous “happiness hormone”, which the females are so eager to produce absorbing bananas and chocolate, is another gift of sex to a woman. In addition to the fact that endorphin (semi-official name of this hormone) increases the general tone of the body, helps reduce stress, and raises the mood, it is also the strongest natural painkiller. By the way, it helps reduce headaches the best way, which makes completely unacceptable the standard female excuse for sex due to migraines.

But on this, the physical benefits of sex for women’s health is not exhausted. Being an excellent antidepressant, sex also becomes effective prevention of one of the most unloved diseases – caries. Indeed, in recent research, scientists have found that in the process of making love the number of harmful substances reduces in the body that destroy tooth enamel. Especially if intimate affinity is accompanied by multiple kisses: the exchange of saliva is another excellent remedy against problems with the teeth.

In search of an answer to the question of how sex affects a woman’s health, specialists at the American University have discovered one of the unknown properties of sex. It turns out that regular sexual intercourse contributes not only to the general strengthening of the immunity of the female body or preservation of its tone, but also affects the external data of women.

So, active circulation of blood accelerates the regeneration of skin cells. Thanks to this, the complexion of the woman remains healthy, and her skin becomes more tender and velvety. Among other things, sex is the ideal replacement for sports. Not surprisingly, many women independently buy for their men Viagra, Levitra and other similar drugs.

The figure for a woman is not only her main instrument for tempting fans but also the most important factor in assessment of her beauty. It turns out that regardless of the chosen postures and rhythm of sex, during the sexual act the muscles that form the femininity of the figure work most intensively. In particular, it is an oblong muscle tissue and waist belt. In addition, the pectoral muscles during intimacy are also constantly in tension. Therefore, women who regularly “fall in love” with their beloved, do not have to worry about the beauty of their bodies until the very end of menopause.

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