Epilepsy in children

The nervous system of schoolchildren is perhaps the most vulnerable in their body, and moreover, is constantly subjected to congestion during the school year. We will tell about one of the most serious diseases – epilepsy, which can first appear in an apparently healthy child at school age. What do you need to know about epilepsy for teachers and parents?Epilepsy in children

Epilepsy in children: symptoms and treatment.

What does an attack look like? Epilepsy is a chronic, long-lasting disease caused by various lesions of the central nervous system and manifested in paroxysmal conditions, and subsequently also characteristic changes in personality.

The disease has been known since ancient times. In the literature, there are more than 30 different names for its designation, among them: black disease, falling, sacred disease. The causes of the development of epilepsy are not established definitively. More than 3/4 of all patients belong to the age group under 18 years.

Causes of epilepsy

The most common causes of the disease in school-age children are:

  • hereditary factors. Recently, various scientists have increasingly expressed the view that the disease is not caused by inheritance, but the latter creates only a predisposition to it. Each person has a certain, genetically inherent only to him the level of convulsive activity. Further implementation will depend, in turn, on many other factors
  • impaired brain development. Disturbances in the development of the central nervous system can be due to both genetic diseases and infections, the effect of harmful substances on the body of the pregnant mother, the disease of her internal organs
  • on the third place among the causes of this disease in schoolchildren are various infections. In younger age, the child has transferred an infectious process the more the probability of development of epileptic attacks further, and the more difficultly they proceed. Most often, in the role of causes are meningitis and encephalitis.

However, with an appropriate level of convulsive activity, any infectious disease can lead to the development of the clinic one.

Also important is the trauma of the brain. In this case, epileptic seizures do not appear immediately after the impact of the traumatic agent, but after some time, being the remote consequences of the impaired action on the brain.


Treatment can be carried out with the help of drugs, for example, Klonopin and others. These medicines are available in pharmacies, as well as Xanax and other tablets.

When starting epilepsy, parents should always remember some general principles:

  • treatment is always selected strictly for each child. No general treatment regimens are acceptable. For each individual child, there are not only their own optimal dose and regimen but also the most optimal combination of drugs
  • with epilepsy, there is never a quick cure, so therapy is always very long; withdrawal of one drug and changing it to another should be done slowly and gradually, to avoid complications in the form of epileptic seizures up to epileptic status.

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