Depression – one of the most misunderstood diseases

Analyzing the myths surrounding depression, we can’t help realizing that most of them originated because of an elementary misunderstanding of the work of our psyche, physiology, and hormonal system.

Myth 1. Depression is nothing more than a decline in mood

In fact, the decline of forces is a consequence of depression, and it is its prerequisite. A healthy body (both physically and mentally) is always able to regain strength during the same night’s sleep. Although sometimes even 40-50-minute rest is enough. If recovery does not occur, then the problem lies at a deeper level, and it should be sought either in internal disease, or in the weakening of immunity, or among problems of the nervous system. Depression – one of the most misunderstood diseases

Myth 2. Depression is more likely to affect women

The deepest delusion, based on the fact that women, by virtue of their openness, allow themselves to show their mood, while (and to be courageous they are taught since early childhood), men are accustomed to hide their true state, holding everything in themselves. The result of this is reflected in the statistics, according to which the females live 17-22 years longer. Whereas men simply burn themselves. As for the ratio, men suffer from depression just as often as women do.

Myth 3. I “treat” depression with food, because I have a weak will

There is no question of any willpower – weak or strong. During the depression, you eat for three reasons:

  • your diseased body does not have enough energy for a normal existence, it is forced to feed itself in a strengthened regime,
  • your tired brain lacks sugar, without which it simply can’t function at all,
  • your nervous system lacks fatty acids.

Well, the fact that after absorbing the food, you feel an elated mood to say only that you, at last, have given your body what it needs.

Myth 4. It will pass

This myth is simply dangerous because the depression does not pass by itself. The consequences can be simply catastrophic. So the result of depression can be pathological irregularities in the work of a heart or stomach, in the work of the nervous system and psyche. And the result is a deterioration in the quality of life, chronic illnesses, nervous breakdowns, suicides, and early death.

Myth 5. Antidepressants are for weaklings

Those who think like this, for some reason, do not say that this way should be applied for the treatment of fractures, flu, toothache, and other diseases. As for doctors, they believe that depression is such a serious disease that it can be listed in the top 10 most dangerous diseases that can wait for any of us, as it is no less destructive than cancer, tuberculosis or AIDS.

In 3 cases out of 4, the timely use of antidepressants can stop depression, preventing it from becoming a chronic illness.

Myth 6. Treating depression with the help of a psychoanalyst is a waste of money

Another ignorant myth, invented by those who never experienced depression or had never been to a session with a psychoanalyst. In fact, in almost half the cases, the specialist is able to find out the true causes of psychological depression and to find the means to eliminate them. The intake of even such powerful antidepressants as Zoloft must be combined with psychotherapy to achieve the best result. After all, our subconscious mind is inclined to “forget” the causes of depression, so as not to injure us again. Therefore, it is so important to go to a psychoanalyst, who will help us to get to the true causes of all our problems. We advise you to begin treatment of the depression that has reached you with the visiting of doctor’s office.

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