Canadian Propecia for hair loss

The man notices the problem with hair at once. Slightly thinned hair simply does not attract attention. The maximum possible reaction is that he will start using cosmetic for hair care, shampoos on herbs, balms. When baldness becomes more obvious, the search for stimulators of hair growth begins. Someone tries to resort to folk methods of treatment, explored from friends or on the Internet. Of course, you can use infusions of decoction of nettle, garlic masks, vinegar and all other folk recipes. They help to strengthen the scalp, give shine to the hair, but the problem of the problems with the amount of hair will not be solved, and eventually, baldness wins. Why does someone manage to keep a chic head even without special hair care, but at the same time, someone spends a lot of time, effort, and money, but neither the use of expensive cosmetics nor folk methods bring results? It’s all about alopecia (hair loss), or rather, its different kinds. Canadian Propecia for hair loss

Propecia (active ingredient – Finasteride) is a modern drug that appeared not so long ago in the Western and domestic markets but has already received a lot of positive feedback. The reception of Finasteride is a drug therapy, the most accessible form of combating baldness, along with such approaches to treatment as laser therapy and hair transplantation. Propecia received the approval of the European Medicines Agency and was recommended by the US Food and Drug Administration, which confirmed the clinical efficacy and safety of the drug. Earlier, in addition to Propecia (Finasteride), approval of these organizations received only one drug from alopecia – Minoxidil, originally created for the treatment of hypertension, the so-called potassium channel activator, as a side effect stimulating dormant follicles and increasing hair growth. However, at low efficiency (up to 13% noticeable hair re-growth), and the need for lifelong application, the drug also stimulated increased facial hair. Propecia is a unique drug. These are the first tablets in the world, effectively eliminating the problem of alopecia. The effectiveness and duration of the effect in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia Propecia is much higher than that of Minoxidil, so now these pills are usually called “the medicine number two” for men, standing in second place behind the leader of sales – Viagra. After successful clinical trials, the popularity of Propecia is steadily growing.

Clinical studies confirm the high efficacy of Propecia. By their results, just under 90% of the subjects noticed that their hair stopped falling out. After a year of taking the medication, half of the patients resumed their hair growth. And after 18 months, the percentage of men whose hair acquired a “second life” rose to 66%. We emphasize that Finasteride gives tremendous results, restores hair bulbs on the crown, and also eliminates the bald patches in the forehead, ideally coping with the so-called male pattern of baldness. Before the advent of Propecia, it was thought that these areas of the head were the least treatable since there the hair follicles were sensitive to the effects of the male sex hormone. This drug with proven effectiveness returns hair to men with no known exceptions.

With regard to the treatment of female androgenetic alopecia, Propecia could be just as effective, but its main active substance, Finasteride, increases the likelihood of congenital anomalies in the fetus in pregnant women. This circumstance forced the development company Merck & Co., Inc. to include a categorical ban on the use of Propecia in women of childbearing age.

You can make an appointment with a trichologist or you can buy a certified drug Propecia in an official online pharmacy.

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