Beware drowsy driving

Sleepy driving slows down the reaction time, reduces understanding of the traffic situation, worsens the sobriety of the mind and increases aggression. If this sounds familiar, and you are in a similar situation, then this is the time to stop driving and have some rest!

In fact, every person at the steering wheel at least once in their life heard similar symptoms. Usually, they are written in the articles exploring driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. As well as drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs, fatigue, drowsiness at the steering wheel makes the driver make mistakes that can, in the long run, lead to extremely deplorable consequences, up to a lethal outcome. In the risk zone, there are also other traffic participants and passengers in the car, who automatically fall into the risk zone. Beware drowsy driving

The danger of fatigue and sleepiness of the driver is the same as with a drunk driver. Do not underestimate this problem. Even if you feel that you can drive a vehicle, you have a reduced response, you stop noticing many objects, attention is concentrated only on the front of the driving car. In the sleepy state, the driver can fall asleep for a few seconds, without even noticing it. These instants can grow into several tens of seconds. And in order to lose control over the car, it may be enough to take a break for one or two seconds. Remember, drivers always fall asleep at the wheel unexpectedly for themselves.

Topical tips for not sleeping behind the steering wheel:

  • before going on a long journey, try to sleep at least six hours,
  • try to leave at a time when you are usually awake,
  • if you feel fatigue and sleepy state while driving, sleep at least one or two hours,
  • try not to eat carbohydrate food on the road, give preference to protein foods,
  • if there is an opportunity, take a friend with you on a long journey, which will cheer you up or replace you on a steering wheel when necessary.

After sleep, wash your face with cold water, do some warm-up exercises, drink a cup of coffee. Of course, there is nothing better than a full sleep, but if it is not possible, these dozens of minutes will help you.

When tired and want to sleep behind the wheel, make a stop and rest. Remember, you do this not only for yourself because of selfish motives. You do this for other people, because the lives of many people can depend on you and your condition on the wheel. This should be treated with full responsibility and seriousness. Even if your passengers are in a hurry, you should explain them that you should not continue moving in a sleepy state, just as you cannot do it in a state of intoxication.

Often, for cheerfulness, drivers choose energy drinks. A more successful analog of such a drug is a tablet with the same effect. Unlike drinks, tablets do not have this amount of sugar, they are easier to take and their effect is more impressive. As one of the most powerful drugs to maintain vivacity is Provigil, also known as Modafinil. You can buy it in our online pharmacy.

The best cure for fatigue is sleep. If your trip does not give you a full rest, and you need to reach the destination as soon as possible, help your body to cope with this load. On the road, it’s better to stop for 20-30 minutes for a short sleep. Just do it in parking lot or gas stations. Be sure to close the car. After a short rest, it is better to do gymnastics. Exercise will help you to wake up and easily cheer up the body until the next part of the journey begins.

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