Be wise with medicines

Nonprescription medicines can be bought without prescription of a doctor at any online pharmacy. However, this does not mean that such drugs are completely safe since they can interact with other medicines and cause serious health problems.

Some medicines may only be used by adults. Be sure to read the instructions on the drug insert carefully or ask the pharmacist before giving any pharmacological product to the baby. If you are pregnant, always check with your pharmacist or doctor about all the medications that you take to make sure they are safe for you and your baby.

The most common drugs sold without a doctor’s prescription are:

  • neutralizing agents,
  • laxatives and binding preparations,
  • drugs for colds and against allergies,
  • painkillers, etc.

These medications can be useful given their proper use, but they can also contribute to serious problems, with overdoses and incorrect combinations.

Do not prescribe medicines by yourself under any circumstances! Reception of any medicinal preparation can be carried out exclusively under the instruction or after consultation with the doctor! This guide is in no way a guide to treatment, it is designed to make it easier to orientate in the field of medicines. Be wise with medicines

Do not follow the advice of friends and acquaintances; do not use medicines, which you only know that these have helped someone. This may well be dangerous for your body.

Before taking medication, be sure to read the instructions for its use. If the doctor has not appointed a special course of dosing and treatment, strictly follow the instructions, do not increase the frequency of taking and the dose of the drug by yourself!

It is necessary to pay attention at what time it is allowed to take a medicine – after, during or before a meal. This is a very important point because it will depend not only on the success of the drug but also on the safety of the body, primarily, the digestive system.

It is mandatory to pay attention to side effects and contraindications. If you have any doubts and questions, be sure to consult a doctor.

Be especially careful when buying medicines. In order to avoid buying counterfeit items, purchase medicines exclusively in pharmacies!

Follow the instructions to use medications carefully during storage. Do not use a medicinal product with expired shelf life under any circumstance!

With regard to global audits, in accordance with the laws of all countries, pharmaceutical companies or drug manufacturers should test their medication on voluntary participants from among healthy people and patients before these medicines become widely available. These clinical trials show how effective the medicine is for a particular disease and what potential harm it can cause.

For many drugs and, in particular, for combination drugs, safety monitoring does not end at the production stage and continues in pharmacies. It is necessary to follow the safety of drugs through careful monitoring of patients and the subsequent collection of scientific data. This aspect of drug monitoring is called post-marketing surveillance. The effectiveness of national post-marketing surveillance is directly dependent on the active involvement of health professionals.

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