Appetite Suppressant Pills

The feeling of hunger is the biggest scourge of those who watch their figure (or try to do it). Often it has nothing to do with the actual need of the body for nutrients: food becomes a mania, appetite drives you crazy.

Quality weight loss is impossible without a diet, and a diet is almost always physical and mental suffering caused by a shortage of chicken legs, pies, and candies in the body, which are so difficult to resist.

What are the possibilities to suppress appetite medically today, what are the advantages in them and are they completely safe?

Experts did not agree on the drug support for weight loss and anorexic drugs. Their feature is in a large number of contraindications and side effects, so the doctor and patient always have to decide together what kind of balance exists between the expected result and possible damage. Self-“appointment” of any drugs that reduce weight is highly discouraged. In addition, doctors do not tire of recalling that anorexia pill alone is not a “treatment” and, taking them, you can’t relax and throw the rest of the procedures leading to normalization of weight: rationalization of nutrition, exercises and so on. Appetite Suppressant Pills

Drugs that help losing weight by suppressing hunger can be divided into three main types:

  • suppressors of appetite: oppress the feeling of hunger at the stage of its occurrence in the hypothalamus,
  • fillers of the stomach: cause a feeling of satiety directly in the stomach,
  • “miraculous pills”: contain various plant and organic substances in micro doses.

In addition, there are pills that operate by combining several components.

Actually, only suppressors of appetite are medicines, the rest of the preparations, as a rule, are produced in the form of biologically active additives in food.

Suppressors of appetite are essentially antidepressants with a side effect in the form of victory over the feeling of hunger.

Their successor, releasing serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, whose elevation in the central nervous system causes a feeling of satiety and satisfaction with life, has become Sibutramine. It is a part of such drugs as Meridia and others – the brand depends on the manufacturer and country of manufacture of tablets. In addition to regulating appetite, Sibutramine helps people with eating disorders overcome a painful passion for carbohydrates and accelerates metabolism, qualitatively improving the absorption of glucose and stimulating the consumption of fat stores, including through increased body temperature.

The effect of Sibutramine is achieved after six months of taking the tablets (the maximum course is 12 months) and after the end of the admission, lasts about a year, but the necessary condition remains the normalization of nutrition and exercise.

Sibutramine is considered the most modern drug and, according to its creators, is not addictive, but not deprived of side effects – they may be insomnia, psychosis, taste disorders, and indigestion.

With regard to other drugs, most nutritionists, honestly, admit futility or extremely low efficiency of medications. At the heart of the action is often the “placebo effect” of all kinds of pills, promising “amazing results in a short time”, “using the magic power of nature” and so on. The ability to reduce appetite in “miraculous tablets” is also unimportant, and is most often caused not by “natural ingredients” such as chitosan, guarana, apple cider vinegar and birch buds, but by the same cellulose or collagen swelling in the stomach, indicated as adjuvants, or by the addition of chromium, which affects the production of insulin. In some cases, in the “wonderful” dietary supplements corny Sibutramine is added.

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