All About Ambien Pills Addiction

Ambien Pills Addiction Sleeping pills are the last hope for sleep disturbances and insomnia. Often hypnotics are prescribed for a short time – only in order to suppress the symptoms of especially acute or chronic insomnia.

Ideal sleeping pills normalize sleep and do not cause any side effects. Unfortunately, they do not exist: no matter how high-quality and expensive the drug recommended by the doctor is, the taking of sleeping pills can cause quite unpleasant consequences.

Among them are:

  • drowsiness (usually, the next day). A person having taken sleeping pills the next day may not be able to drive a car or perform work that requires attention and concentration,
  • clumsiness, impaired coordination. Very often, the use of sleeping pills and the subsequent need to get up in the middle of the night (for example, to visit the restroom) lead to domestic trauma – a lack of coordination, clumsiness caused by taking the drug, can lead to a fall, collision with objects of the environment,
  • getting used to. If to talk about some hypnotic drugs (group Z and benzodiazepines), regular use of the drug is addictive. In fact, this means that over time, in order for the sleeping pills to act, an ever-larger dose of the drug will be required. “Habit” can be worked out in just 3-14 days,
  • formation of addiction on sleeping pills. In some cases, the constant reception of sleeping pills leads to the formation of dependence, and with a sharp discontinuation of reception, there are characteristic symptoms of withdrawal, including irritability, trembling, disgusting state of health.

In order to reduce the risk of addiction and dependence on sleeping pills, such drugs are usually prescribed for a very short period of time – about a week. Often taking sleeping pills is recommended only 2-3 times a week, not daily.

The benzodiazepine group includes Temazepam, Flurazepam, Loprazolam, Lormetazepam, Nitrazepam. These hypnotic drugs can be purchased at pharmacies only on prescriptions.

A similar effect on the cells of the brain is also produced by hypnotic Z-groups – Zaleplon, Zolpidem, Zopiclone. Zolpidem is also known as Ambien.

Getting used to taking Ambien sleeping pills every day, it is very difficult to give up this habit. Sometimes a sudden stopping of reception can cause very unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal syndrome.

To defeat dependence on sleeping pills, you can try the following steps:

  • gradually reduce the dose or replace your drug with another – from the same group of benzodiazepines. Diazepam is often recommended for this purpose – it is easier to reduce the dose of Diazepam more slowly than the dose of Ambien,
  • it is better and easier to fight dependence on sleeping pills when the level of stress in your life is minimal, there are no emotional shocks or serious problems,
  • try to completely abandon sleeping pills for the weekend – while free time allows you to relax from stress and workload,
  • after stopping the use of sleeping pills, in most cases, there is a deterioration or violation of sleep – there is no additional cure, you just have to accept and wait,
  • try to find an alternative to sleeping pills – for example, traditional medicine helps to get rid of stress and anxiety, preventing sleep, and to strengthen sleep naturally.

In our pharmacy, you can choose the best variant of sleeping pills for your own purposes. Always be wary of taking such powerful drugs as Ambien: if you have negative effects and suspect the development of addiction, consult a doctor right away.

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